About Us

I am Tanay Roy, a pioneer member of Trading Scripts and Strategies. My journey into active trading started in 2020. Prior to this, I was in the data analytics industry and led two startups. Due to Covid, I lost some major clients and faced a serious setback in my business. At this juncture of my life, I started trying my luck in trading. The concept of trading and investment was not new to me. I am a CFA chartered holder and have some knowledge in technical analysis. But before 2020, I was never in active trading.

Soon after starting active trading, I realized that the path was completely different from my concept of trading. I started reading various trading books, especially those books that promised some profitable strategies. Since my background is in data analysis, I love to see the data behind any claim. My knowledge in Python helps me a lot and saves me from many ambitious lucrative claims. I started coding all the strategies available on the web, books, YouTube or anywhere and realized that profitable trading does not depend only on strategy.

The book “Market Wizards” opened my eyes and soon I realized that trading is a probabilistic game and outcome from any strategy can be random and not at all indicative of profitability. I realized that, like all probabilistic games, trading should be approached in a large sample and the rewards come in the long term.

With this in mind, I found four essential factors for profitable trading:

  1. Continuous application of strategy (To reach a large sample size)
  2. Homogeneous trade samples, so that we can compare our trades
  3. Proper risk and trade management (Preparation for the worse)
  4. Controlling psychology to apply the above rules repeatedly.

Rule No. 1, requires a clear specificity of my strategy. Coding helps me to get the clarity. If the strategy can't be coded, it is not a clear applicable strategy.  I code each strategy to homogenize my trades, so that I can compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. My strategy scripts helps me to overcome my emotion and psychology in trade management. I plan my trade through scripts and never use my brain while trading. My approach is simple- plan the strategy, convert the strategy into script and trade the script for a larger sample. Evaluate the strategy and modify it based on results, if necessary.

Since this evaluation, I have found myself profitable and stress free. I pitched this idea to my friends and found a group of traders, who found themselves in the same situation.  We form a group and founded Trading Scripts and Strategies to extend and share the concept to other fellow traders.

Objective behind Trading Scripts and Strategies:

  1. Scripting and back testing all available strategies.
  2. Connecting with others whose beliefs match ours.
  3. Generating strategies for different asset classes.
  4. Developing helpful trading tools.
  5. Sharing our knowledge and training.
  6. Evaluating all the possibilities that can develop our trading skills.

What platforms are we using:

  • TradingView and Pinescript
  • Amibroker
  • Python
  • Google sheet
  • Google Colab

Commercial Interest:

We promise, 80% of our content , tools, scripts will be free and open sourced. 

We may charge for certain premium products where development costs are high and there is high value added. No doubt the charge will be minimal and affordable by the traders.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with us. So, please be with us to encourage us, correct us and share us. Please follow us in TradingView and other social pages to stay updated.

Thanks and Regards,

Tanay Roy

Chief Motivator - Trading Scripts and Strategies