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In India, Weekly Options (NIFTY and BANKNIFTY) expires on Thursday (Though FINIFTY and MIDCPNIFTY expires on Tuesday and Wednesday). So, expiry to expiry candle is different than weekly candle. This indicator overlays expiry candle over time interval candle. 

You can use this in any intraday time frame candle.

It will show:

  • All expiry candle in box format
  • Expiry OHLC label
  • Pivot (Floor or Fibonacci) based on expiry OHLC data
  • Developing Expiry candle and Pivot
  • A table showing expiry range(high-low) and Expiry body abs(open-close) stats.

You can turn on or off any feature.

Please let me know if you found this script useful or have any questions or suggestions.

Weekly Options Expiry Candle V.2 by tanayroy on TradingView.com

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